The Place for Quirky Sweet Quality Fun Gifts & Home Decor

The Gift That Will Not Be Re-Gifted

Cactus Chico Chica is a shop full of home crafted fun, affordable, quirky, sweet, quality gifts and home decorating products/art.

You will find unique home crafted one of a kind gifts for all the individuals in your life- including yourself. You will also find among our items , Us (Chico and Chica) and that we are a combination of quirky and kind.

We have the gift that they won’t want to re-gift for YOUR:

  • Boss (Yes, we know its tough to shop for them)

  • Neighbor (We’ve got the perfect gifts)

  • Parents (including Dad!)

  • Grandparents (yes, Grand Pop too!)

  • Teachers and/or Students, Bus Drivers (we got something for the Principal/Director too!)

  • Mail Carrier, First Responder, Doctor, Veterinarian, Dog Walker, Faith Leader (basically the people that make your life easier)

  • Lawyer (for those of us out there weird enough to appreciate our lawyers)

  • Best Friend (s) (and acquaintances too!)

  • Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Step (fill in the blank),

  • (Fill in the blank) In-Law ( who is your favorite?)

  • Curent Loves (or Long Lost Loves if that’s your thing)

  • Favorite Movie Star, Musician, Local Celebrity

  • Social Influencer (they get their own line for extra special …. well you know)

  • Pets! (we have several including a Mohave dessert turtle named Mo)

  • The stranger who winked at you ( and you wanted to wink back!)

Our items are all individually home crafted. There are no two exactly alike due to the nature of our crafts. Each items is unique due to the variations and designs. Our mixed medium canvass wall art pieces and other products are whimsical and at times sassy!

Our Shop Includes:

  • Party Pennant Banners/Bunting

  • Mixed Media Wall Art

  • Kitchen Gifts (e.g. Aprons, Tortilla Warmers, Oven Mitts)

  • Coasters (aka Mug Rugs)

  • Hand Embroidery Items

  • Woodwork

  • Crochet Items

  • Holiday Items

  • Quilts and Blankets

  • All other things we wanted to create (aka stuff didn’t know you wanted but now “NEED”)

We are an Arizona native family and it beams in our work.

We are a family with LGBTQ+ members and U.S. military. We are diverse in our backgrounds and cultures and our items represent the diversity.

We converted our hobbies of crafting, hand embroidery, woodworking, quilting, sewing and crochet into a business soon after becoming foster parents in order to supplement Chica’s income lost once she became a full time stay at home mom.

We are now a family with 4 newly adopted Littles (2-12 years old),- our birth children are near 30 yrs old! One of us (Chico) is a U.S. veteran.

Being a foster and adoptive family and one of us a veteran (Chico; Marines) part of EVERY sale goes to foster children non-profit/not for profit organization(s) and to veterans organization(s).

As a reminder:

You.Matter® and You.Make.A.Difference®