Fun. Decorative. Practical. Affordable. Diverse.

We provide homemade fun, affordable, quirky, sweet, quality gifts and home decorating products/art.

Our items are all individually handmade, there are no two exactly alike due to the nature of our crafts, HAND embroidery (by Chica) machine quilting (by Chico) and are unique in its variations and designs. Our mixed medium canvass art are whimsical and at times sassy! All All items are crafted by us. Caring creations by a chico and chica.

We are an Arizona native family (Chico is even a Valley Of The Sun kiddo!) who had been a foster family (focusing on teenage foster children) for three years. We are now a family with 4 newly adopted Littles (2-12 years old),- our birth children are near 30 yrs old! One of us (Chico) is a U.S. veteran.

All our items have the feel of fun and adventure and a touch of sweetness-and maybe a bit of quirkiness. Our items showcase the diversity of our Arizona people, the 4 regions in the state of Arizona, and the beauty of its people. We are an Arizona native family and it beams in our work.

We are a family with LGBTQ+ members and U.S. military. We are diverse in our backgrounds and cultures and our items represent the diversity.

Our business was birthed out of the need to supplement the income lost when Chica became a full time stay at home mom. The needs of our newly adopted children can be best met with her at home for them. We converted our hobbies of crafting, hand embroidery, woodworking, quilting, sewing and crochet into a business.

Being a foster and adoptive family and one of us a veteran (Chico; Marines) part of EVERY sale goes to foster children non-profit/not for profit organization(s) and to veterans organization(s).

As a reminder:

You.Matter® and You.Make.A.Difference®